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Talon's Secure Dispensing Cabinets (SDCs) provide storage and security for medication, medical equipment and supplies. 

Engineered specifically to address the needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic, these dispensing cabinets allow for quick and easy implementation to efficiently secure medication and supplies, bypassing the arduous and lengthy process involved with the full implementation of traditional automated dispensing cabinets. 

Secure Dispensing Cabinets control inventory and reduce lost items, decreasing costs while improving patient care by providing an efficient way to store the items you need, where you need them. Engineered for ease of use in any location and any environment- needing only a standard 120v power outlet. 

  • Secure medications and supplies
  • Available as a 2 or 4 door cabinet
  • Electronically locking doors
  • Improve patient care
  • Increase inventory management
  • Lower costs
  • Easy to use
  • No software or network connections needed
  • Color: Swan White


  • Improve inventory efficiencies by maximizing space 
  • Secure cabinets allow you to store more items remotely and where they’re needed
  • 2 door cabinet capable of holding up to 6 shelves,  and up to 36 total bins
  • 4 door cabinet capable of holding up to 12 shelves, and up to 72 total bins


  • Ability to store hundreds of user IDs
  • Flexibility to use RFID or numeric passcodes
  • Limit access to one door at a time
28" 78" 22"
28" 40" 22"



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