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Swan White


Talon's 20-Bay Transfer Cart is perfect and customizable for all healthcare transportation needs. Extremely durable yet lightweight aluminum body that is powder-coated to create smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. Cart maneuvers seamlessly over thresholds and floors on 6" casters. 

The 20-Bay Transfer Cart can conveniently be configured with Electronic Key Pad lock to make the transportation of medication easy and secure. Our flexible designs and broad configurable options are sure to fit into any workflow need.

  • 20 bays that can accommodate cassettes (10 bays on each side of the cart)
  • Stainless steel bay brackets
  • 6" Caster set with DIRECTIONAL and BRAKE locks
  • Electronic Key Pad option
  • Manual Key Lock option
  • Push handles on each side
  • Dual side loading
  • Cassette Bin Option: Includes twenty 6-Bin 5.5" Cassettes
  • Color: Swan White
46" 49" 32"


Cart available with or without accessories.  


  • Cassette Bin Option: Includes twenty 6-Bin 5.5" Cassettes

20-Bay Transfer Cart is compatible with the following accessories:


Product Options Product Code
Manual Key Lock/ No Accessories TSFR-M-20-03
Manual Key Lock/ 20 Cassettes TSFR-M-20-02
Electronic Key Pad/ No Accessories TSFR-E-20-02
Electronic Key Pad/ 20 Cassettes TSFR-E-20-01




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