Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | VacFix

How do the Talon VacFix bags/cushions differ from other vacuum fixation bags?

The VacFix bags are made of an extremely durable, yet thin and flexible eurethane that reduces the risk of leakage or rupture. Other bags are made of nylon or other plastics that tend to not be as durable.

How many size options does Talon offer for the VacFix cushions?

Talon has over 200 standard sizes and volume fills, and has the capability to make any custom shape, size, and fill.

How long do the VacFix bags last?

Reliability is the hallmark value of VacFix cushions. We currently offers a 1 year warranty on any VacFix bag ordered directly from us, and bags are known to last much longer.

How long do the VacFix bags hold their shape once the air is retracted?

VacFix bags are made durable enough to hold shape for 2-6 months.

Are the VacFix bags indexed?

Because the bags are made of a eurethane plastic, the outside of the bags are non-slip which helps the bags to stay still during imaging or therapy. They can also be indexed easily by clamping down an indexing bar to the table and deflating the bag over it on the table. Then the markings on the bottom of the bag will remain, with the patient’s form, for future usage and placement.

Can the VacFix bags be used with hospital suction?

The VacFix bags do have the capability to be used with most hospital suction adapters. However, suction devices/pumps other than the Talon pump are not tested and approved for use with our bags so we cannot guarantee that it will not damage or impact the life of the bags.

Does Talon offer different valve sizes?

Talon does not offer any other valve sizes. The valve that comes with the Talon pump/hose/bags have all been tested together and approved as a system. The valve size that has been tested and approved has been proven to show the best fit with our bags to ensure optimal inflation and deflation without damage.

Can the VacFix bags be used on different patients?

Yes! The bags are very easy to clean and can be cleaned with any typical cleaning products or warm soap and water.

Can VacFix bags be used on animals?

VacFix bags can be used on anything that needs to be immobilized! Whether it be human or an animal. VacFix offers the highest number of fixation points so you can perfectly immobilize anyone or anything in any position.

Are the VacFix bags comfortable for patients?

Yes! Because the bags are able to mold around any complex structure perfectly, it allows the patient to relax in any position required for treatment or imaging.


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