A Letter to Our Customers from Brian Shoenfeld

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We are facing a truly unprecedented time that reminds us daily how dramatically the situation affects all of us within our respective businesses, communities, and families. For those of you in the frontlines, we are inspired by your selfless ongoing efforts. You are the heroes moving us all forward.

Here at Talon, we are doing everything possible to support the healthcare facilities and workers that are leading the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

While taking necessary precautions and establishing protocols to protect our valued employees, we are 100% committed to remaining operational in order to support you. Our Sales, Customer Success, Production, and Shipping departments are fully staffed and ready to answer your needs.  

As many facilities around the country are increasing bed capacity, we have escalated production and created new systems to provide you with the necessary equipment for infrastructure support:

  • buytalon.com – Our marketing team launched our e-commerce website to facilitate a seamless click & buy ordering process.
  • COVID Response Cabinets – Our engineering team has reconfigured our traditional Automated Dispensing Cabinets to better serve healthcare facilities. These new cabinets can easily be installed anywhere and do not require network connections. They are fully secured with an RFID card reader and numeric passcodes.
  • We have fast-tracked production for our Transfer Carts, Isolation Carts, and Crash Carts. Because time is of the essence, these carts are ready to ship within 2 business days.

Moments like these remind us that we are all connected. For 73 years we have been committed to serving our customers. We want you to know that this commitment is now more critical than ever. We are proud to be your partner and remain focused on providing you with the products and services you need to be successful. 

Please do not hesitate to reach us at support@buytalon.com

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!



Brian Shoenfeld 


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